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Boulder Wall Construction

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Boulder Wall Construction

You may be aware that your yard needs a retaining wall installed. However, you may merely dislike how they look. While some retaining walls require brick and mortar, others are less fussy. That is especially true when your walls primarily separate some plants from others, or you have a dedicated garden space. When your yard requires a retaining wall, but you need something more unique, you may want to consider installing boulder walls. These retaining walls offer the same level of support while enjoying a better appearance overall. If traditional bricks and pavers aren’t enough for your needs, boulder wall installation may be what you’ve been seeking. And for the best quality results and lower costs, you can always rely on Smith Lawn & Landscape! Since 2010, we’ve helped more Madison Lake, MN, residents enjoy their perfect yard while saving more on construction and installation costs. When you need the ideal addition to your yard that won’t break the bank, just call us to learn more!

What’s the Difference?

Your standard retaining walls rely on similar masonry work as traditional brick walls and home construction. While these walls are efficient at preventing yard erosion and structural damages, they may leave much to remain desired. Not all homeowners enjoy the blocky appearance of brick and pavers. The edges may prove too sharp to integrate with the rest of the yard’s style. Instead, boulder wall construction uses natural curved stones to soften their edges and create a more relaxed look. The final result is a wall that is every bit as effective as bricks, but they offer the look you prefer. Whether you require substantial stone boulders on the opposite end of your property line, or you’re looking for smaller smooth blocks for your garden, our team installs them all! Call our team now to learn how we can save you more on your best new boulder wall installations!

Why Boulder Walls?

Some homeowners think that the smoother nature of boulders means a less stable wall. They’ve heard several stories of these wall systems failing while brick and paver ones do not. That’s because in these cases, the owner didn’t choose a dedicated wall construction service. They may have handed it over to a contractor or even a handyman service, who only focuses on faster construction. Instead, we give your boulder wall installations the same level of care and dedication as all our other lawn care solutions. We don’t quit until we know your new wall is built to last! Boulder walls provide the same level of protection that brick and paver ones do. They just offer a different appearance some homeowners prefer! Brick may prove too industrial for the rest of your yard. Instead, you need fewer edges without sacrificing function. Call us for better boulder wall installations. We promise smooth, elegant walls that last for many years to come!

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