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Fire Pit Construction

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Fire Pit Construction

Are your outdoor areas lacking a particular décor element? Do you wish you had something affordable to make your yard pop? As a homeowner, there’s a broad selection of home upgrades and décor installations you can buy. However, many are expensive, and few add the touches you had hoped. Instead, fire pit installation may be among the best investments you make for your yard. And many projects finish on the same day! When you need the best quality fire pit at affordable rates, you can always get the best value with Smith Lawn & Landscape. We’ve helped more homeowners create their ideal yards since 2010. We offer quality fire pits that keep guests warm, entertained, and increase the value of your outdoor areas. For your simple solution to boring backyards, let us assist you today!

Fire Pit Installations

When you hire us for your fire pit projects, we promise affordable service on quality results. We primarily rely on stacked pavers and brick pits, but we also offer stone styles as well. We find that paver and brick pits are superior at maintaining heat, protecting flames, and keeping viewers safe. Stone systems are also reliable and may offer a sleeker appearance that bricks can’t achieve. Whichever style is best for your yards our team provides the best fire pit installations around. More Madison Lake, MN, residents know that we offer better fire pits at lower costs every time. Call today for your paver and brick or stone fire pit solutions. We guarantee the best results at pricing you can afford!

Why Fire Pits?

There’s just something primal, yet comforting, about sitting around a steady fire at night. The cold evening air creates an inviting environment, and a quality fire pit makes your yard cozy. Perfect for summer night get-togethers, family barbecues, and outdoor parties, a fire pit makes guests not want to leave! Your job is installed to last, meaning fewer maintenance issues.Let us help you design the ideal fire pit for your outdoor areas. When you need affordable service and quality finished fire pits, look no further than us!Choose us when your yard needs something extra. We have the solution that makes the most of any backyard!

What Are Fire Pits?

Fire pits are much like brick ovens or even fireplaces. They rely on an inner system of flame-resistant bricks that are built around with pavers.The inner area allows the wood to burn, while the exterior layers protect viewers. Fire pits contain much of the heat in the center while providing many years of lovely, faithful service to owners.Some people may just build a backyard fire out of sticks and brush. However, a stiff breeze is all it takes to send a blaze out of control!Fire pits provide superior protection against accidental fire damage, and even when they aren’t in use, they look great! When you need an upgrade that doesn’t cost a fortune, fire pits are ideal.

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