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Mulch Delivery & Installation

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Mulch Delivery & Installation

Even homeowners who fuss over their yards may find their plants just don’t look their best. They may discover drooping flowers and stunted trees, and may not know what to do. Proper watering and sunlight aren’t enough for most yards. Sometimes it takes organic nutritional supplements to keep them looking healthy. Smith Lawn & Landscaping prides itself on reliable mulch installation services. Wherever your yard needs help, mulch delivery may be the solution. When your lawn deserves the best in natural fertilization, you need us to service your home. Call today for the best in Madison Lake, MN, mulch application!

Local Mulch Suppliers

Many who have bought mulching at the store find themselves disappointed with the results. That is because there’s no way of knowing how long that product got bagged, and how many weeks it’s sat on the shelf.

We produce organic mulching that is fresh and full of the nutrients your yard requires. You can find the best selection of:

  • Natural Mulch
  • Red Mulching
  • Brown Mulch
  • Black Mulching
  • Pine Bark
  • And other organic lawn products! 

Whenever you need the best in yard nutrition and protection, our mulch products get results! Call today for your best mulch delivery and installation services!

Why Mulch?

Quality mulching distributed nutrients slowly into your plants’ soil. Not only does this recharge dirt that’s lost it nutrients, but it may even protect plants from weeds and pests! Mulch chips aren’t hefty, but they are dense. Many weeds and bugs find them too thick to grow around. By driving away obstacles and increasing the plants’ nutrition, you won’t believe the results! And if that’s not enough, colored mulch can add a ton of personality to your yard. Mulch is affordable, efficient, and makes any lawn appear professionally manicured. When your plants need to look and feel their best, just leave it all to us! Call today to schedule your best mulch installation. We get the results that packaged products can’t!

What is Mulch?

Mulch is a green recycled product that keeps more yard debris away from landfills. We create your best mulch whenever we utilize our wood chippers. The leftover shaved wood and leaves are shredded together, creating a thin mixture of organic plant materials. That collection of decomposing plants and natural nutrients then spreads throughout flower beds and shrubs, releasing nutrients as it finishes breaking down. The results are weeks of evenly released vitamins that trickle back into the soil. The mulch may also offer increased protection against the sun near the root system. Mulch has long proved useful as the best choice for organic plant fertilization. And when you need the best products possible, we create fresh mulch in bulk. Call today for your delivery or dependable installation. We’re ready to make your lawn look its best!

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