Commercial Snow Removal and Ice Control

If shoveling snow is not your thing, give Smith Lawn and Landscape a call. We can handle anything from sidewalks to large commercial parking lots. Our experienced staff and careful planning allow us to offer prompt service and great results.


Snow Plowing

From sidewalks to parking lots, we have the equipment and know-how to meet your needs.


If ice is the problem, we have the answer. We can meet all of your salting and sanding needs.

Snow Blowing

If you don’t like piles of snow along your driveway or around your business we can blow the snow away from the site instead of plowing it. We are always available to snow blow your sidewalks as well!

Liquid De-icing

We offer a great alternative for ice control, liquid de-icing. Liquid de-icing is faster acting, does not leave residue or rock salt on your parking lot, driveway, or sidewalks and is less corrosive. Ask us how pre-treating with liquid calcium chloride can save you money on snow removal and ice control!

Snow Hauling Or Re-stacking

If winter has left excessive or overflowing snow at your home or business, we can haul it away or re-stack it in a more convenient location to get your through winter.


Just ask, chances are we can do it!